Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wet Thursday

My room is a dull collection of surfaces and muted colors, except where the novels under the side lamp are illuminated, and even they are mostly black and red. Reminds me of a kids joke. But outside the world is green. It starts where a bottle of ginger ale is sitting on a TV table in front of the couch. Green, but just at the top where the window light hits it, like a key lime pie green. At the window the plants are all translucent green, shades of glowing green. It flows out onto the world forming great shapes of green. The world is textures of green, all glowing and growing and shedding light. If I was 17 again I'd think I'd gotten some fine acid somewhere. It used to be like that, everything led to acid. They told us that acid rots your brain, like a battery left open on a tossing ship. The idea did more to intrigue acid users into doing yet more of the toxic brew than any fear to them about their minds. See, this is how the train moved for those young idiot savants of the sixties:

Acid causes changes in consciousness which is predicated upon one's personal paradigm of the universe and one's place in it. Fearful people generally took acid to find peace, but peace comes from within and all they found were scary bright lights and sounds they couldn't understand. Your friend or guide was supposed to interpret those inputs for you. Reference peyote rituals and coming of age rituals. Science, in the form of physics, specifically quantum physics, tells us that the immediate universe is a product of perception, relative to one's place and time, one's paradigm. Example: delusional people believe things are a certain way, based solely on their brain's chemistry and their perceptions of the immediate universe. There are no hard edges in nature, so we are all of us to some degree, delusional, otherwise we are enlightened. Acid tells us that there are no hard edges in the universe, according to any number of paradigms, therefor it is likely that we are all of us some degree of the universe, and therefor some degree of ourselves, a self referencing existence. The conclusion reached is that you don't need acid to become delusional, nor enlightened, you simply need to change your paradigm.

Thus, you are what you eat, what you shit, what you till, what you plant, what you admire, what you pluck, what you kill and what you bury.  You are what you believe you are, and you might believe you are alone, and then you are.

There is a difference between delusional and illusional. It is important to remember that.

When one is tripping on acid there is often the sense of rapid motion when others might perceive none at all. It's also possible to have that sense of rapid forward motion at the same time those around us are perceived as standing stock still, sometimes combined with a sense of going in all directions at once. The “others” who are standing stock still may in fact be moving, so that one's perception of them increasingly diverges from what they themselves might perceive, and any of the other “others”. The resulting paradigm can be confusion during communication. Nobody makes much sense on acid to others, but often it can feel amazingly sensible. During these times it was always good to have a friend there to tell you how sensible it was not to act too swiftly on one's new awareness, due to the fact that one's chemistry had changed, and it might change again. You could sense this, even if you couldn't absorb it all, like an enormous cake with just the right icing. It would still be your downfall to try to eat it all. At these times it was always good for someone to tell you that, indeed, you had eaten it all, and then show you an empty plate.

You can spend a lot of time trying to see through closed eyes. There are those who would tell you to open them, and those who would tell you to keep trying. Only you can tell if you can see through closed lids, or what you can see. It stands to reason you can see your body, or some version of it. The trick is seeing past your body to some other version of it. Now understand that the stand of trees outside, so vivid in their greenery, are in turn receiving photons bounced off your body, vibrations coming from your body, so that they are perceiving a paradigm as well, and it differs radically from yours. Their perceptions, we are told, must including their roots and leaves, as our hair and skin and nails can be perceived by us. So their perception of self and the immediate universe will include the taste to the soil, the sound of movement, the whisper of air, the smell of everything, and who knows, maybe some electrical-magnetic perceptions we cannot image, not having those organs. So we are living in their universe, and they in ours

If a giant oak or a trembling bristle-cone be enlightened, I assume they would have some perception of me, for I have faith I am of this universe too. Faith is important when creating universes out of paradigms, for faith comes from within. The universe stands without, in all Her trembling new-greenness.

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