Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Pair of Faces Beats an Ace in the Hole

For some time now I have been talking about the fact that every innocent life taken by American forces is connected to hundreds of family members, thousands of neighbors and friends. Let's face it, the way Americans kill these days if one little girl is blown apart or crushed you can bet a lot of other playmates and friends were taken out, maybe even a mother and father. I've written about how the disaster that put my son in a coma took me down into many a pit of dispair. When Jon was a slab of meat in Arizona and I was a father taken to the ER because I collapsed, hell for the last decade it's been tough on a lot of people, and I suggest often that we should TRY to understand the implications of your own actions, especially your proxy actions by the government forces and hired mercenaries, well it all comes back to bite you on your butt. Or smash your son's head through glass and steel, leaving you with a piece of silent meat that could look like you son, or daughter. I can't imagine Jess left with two steel claws because some young American man dropped a bomb too fast or in a wind, maybe. But now, believe it, there are thousands of young men and women eager to blow themselves up with any one of us if some person tells them to do so, the right person.

Last night on PBS they showed us the faces of thouse kids and explored their world. Well, son, it was as bad as I feared and the facts pretty clear, we are paying to maim thousands of children and we will be asked to pay a huge additional fee, the indifference fee. It's well and good to say the appropriate slogans and lyrics, but seriously, try to think of thins a moment. Every day hundreds of children in America are wounded and killed by their parents, and the President will NEVER say a thing about it. If that does not offend him, or her, then where is the goodness is the American soul that is worth sending our children off to die and kill defending it? I don't see it. What I did see was the face of a 15 year old kid eager to not only kill a stranger, but die in the process. Our goverment would add this point start going on with numbers, e.g. "it only took 19 to destroy a Great American Ediface, now imagine thousands of GeeHawdes strapped with Nuclear fuel rods living next to YOU!" or some such thing, but seriously, you probably have within ten miles of you some young American boy saying something like, "They're all the same, we outa just NOOK them all!"

It's not a fucking reality show, son. It's what my son looked like, and his friends in the ward multiplied by thousands, but no that kid will never set foot in my son's ward and see the tubes and the curled hands of a victim of violent impact to the head, like from a 15 year old kid blowing himself up. He might say that "...we wear helmets, they're pretty good.." and I would have to say, "He was wearing a damn VW van, you idiot."

And what I could say to that 15 year old, if allowed and if he could understand my words or facial tics, is that the problem with this whole thing is that people are asserting that killing children is okay and children are saying it's okay to kill the rest of them. Nothing ever works out quite like you think. Sometimes you end up spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair, unable to move, with tubes invading your throat and shit drying in your bed sores. You never know what can happen, especially if your actions are based on what some person says you should do rather than you first do no harm. You prefer to act on someone's command, like a slave or a dog, like Wrigley. Then you blow up, or maybe partly blow up. Then we all mostly die. I don't know, it sounds like something somebody from a Hollywood movie would do.

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