Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thoughts on a Spring Morning

Here's some thoughts I would like to share regarding the effect of absolute power corrupting the Dems. First, the assumption that "parties" exist as unique entities. I've been watching these entities for close to 40+ years now and all this talk of left, right, center-left etc is absurd as the talk of conservative democrat, liberal republicrat. There is a group of people who trade jobs off and on and tell us all where to send the money and what we will go to prison for. It's called the Political Party. It's made of people who have no skills other than speech, and they aren't very good at that, but they found a job wherein they get paid for speaking and signing their names. They run the country at one level while the Dictator d'jour runs it at another level. You cannot corrupt corruption except by cleansing it, and nobody is talking about cleansing our Party, just exchanging personalities. Obama keeps many of the previous dictator's ideals and people because he also belongs to the Party. He isn't corrupted, he's never been clean. He gets paid for talking and signing his name. He gives our money away and sends people to other countries to kill and destroy and mostly to move money around. War is a fantastic money laundering scheme combined with a great video game experience for those who never went to war.
   As I read about our country from foreign news sources, mostly online because they make it very very hard to find out what non-Americans are doing and thinking, I find that American people are the most lied to people in the western world, lied to by it's government. Nothing is the way our "news" says it is, and for good reason. The news business should have been a news service, a right for all the people to know the truth, because the truth will set them free. But that's like asking a dairy farmer to take down his fences and let his cattle roam the fields and woods. News sources in America serve to 1. spread the official lies 2. keep the herd afraid of Others 3. keep the herd afraid of the herd and 4. keep the herd humming. It is an arm of the government and so is part of the party.
   The Body Politic in this county is not merely corrupted, but like a person with brain cancer is failing faster than can be controlled. Witness the fine quality of "leaders" we get these days. No, 200+ years is a long time to last for a badly organized ponzi scheme tied to an 18th century philosophical essay. At this point the land mass is domesticated enough to support several efficient governments or one large terribly inefficient government. Contrary to national paradigm, we have little control over our governmental form. Notice that it never varies? That's because the same forces act on it from within. The tribolite wants to eat tribolite food even after the ocean has shifted away. So it dies or grows lungs and feet. The US needs to be less United and more States. Let Texas split, according to the Law of the Land. Let the West Coast split off according to their inclinations. Let the NE states handle their regional problems with a regional government, maybe a democracy. The US will become a federation of regions, hopefully with no standing armies. Less money to run, less need for armies, more money for schools and hospitals. Big cities like NYC should become City-States and run themselves or decay into a big museum. Let Europe try to tell the world what to do, or China, or Nobody. I like the last choice.
   Asking if absolute power corrupts assumes absolute power is absolute. It's like asking if an unmovable object can be moved by an unyielding force. No, but it can be destroyed. Absolute power destroys the existing political system in exactly the same way a needle full of pure heroin killed Janis Joplin. She was trying to get clean, like Obama, but she couldn't resist using the needle "just a little bit". Obama wants to play toy soldier too, but in Afghanistan, where his "advisers" (read yes men) tell him he can win, which would be the first time in history. America is in hospice, it's best just to organize a committee to figure out how to parse out the parts.

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