Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Nation, My Loss

Yeah, it's time for a serious one. Maybe it was last night's migraine that is still throbbing in the background of my head, but a few thoughts and words keep bouncing around ahead of the throb. Here's an image I cannot shake: Glenn Beck on the cover of some magazine in a Nazi uniform, grinning like a shit eating skunk. Not a piece of fiction, dear reader, Google up the image if you like. But, see, when Prince Henry dressed like an SS officer he looked like an officer, which he is. Beck looked like Mussolini, which he isn't supposed to be. For the terribly young, again, Google it.

Why is this important? Cut to a sound bite, Donald Rumsfeld, the Murderer of Iraq: "A treaty is just words on paper. That's all, words on paper." And he of course meant the same for all legal documents including the Constitution, all words on paper. Like the Bible for what that's worth. Like the oath of office Bush took: words on paper, signifying nothing. Now pan back to look at the administrations say all the way to Nixon. Look at the NAMES. Curious, when you consider how many people live in America, that so few have worked so long to run this country into the ground and the monies into their bank accounts. The same damn names over and over, a good old boy network that includes the 'right" kind of woman. Think Condi down on her knees doing Georgy Boy while he works on a puzzle.

Slip of the brain, sorry. So, no conspiracy, no plots written in blood by the night light. Actually these kind of people like rituals where somebody gets bloody, somebody gets off and nobody talks. So aside from that, let's get down to generalities. In a math problem the limits are known and finite. It is impossible to lie about one plus one equals two. You can jimmy up a form of math where analogies are made and substitutions are made, but still within that system the parameters have been spelled out and the rules are well known. One such form of math deals with chaos, the ruling deity of the Western world. You can use it's rules and parameters to follow a flock of birds for some distance before new data has to be added so they don't fly off. You can "see" how people will walk around a mall or in a stadium how the seats will fill up. Most of the time if you have enough variables spelled out you get pretty close. But chaos math still has rules and parameters, edges a little fuzzy but we have a handle on what the fuzz looks like up close.

Now take Don Rumsfeld and his words on paper. Let's ask Don to predict the flight path of a set number of particles being acted upon by Mars gravity and a forward uniform acceleration... ah! Now Don has folded his paper and snapped the pencil in half. He picks up his blackberry and calls up an engineer he owns and gives him the question. He hands the blackberry in and goes and buys another. See, math is just words and numbers on paper and Don has no time for that. he buys knowledge and owns people to remember for him. The one who knew about the Constitution fell down a mine shaft and exploded. But he never read Mein Kampf either, more words on paper. He is, however, living the books he never read, minus the death camps. Ours are much smaller so as not to attract a lot of attention.

Beck in a suit, Don with a blackberry and Bush with his girlfriend and millions of dollars. Toss in Rush and the rest of the wealthy assholes who think laws are for suckers and ethics get you killed, as if Hitler had a shred of ethics in his soul. In business, according to American standard fierce capitalism, it is a dog eat dog world. It is also a dog blackmail, murder, torture, slander world. Now in the theory set forth by Benito Mussolini, (by the way, Don, Benito actually wrote whole books of words on paper.) a fascist state is the result of a corrupted republic and republics are always going to corrupt because you put a small number of the wealthy elite in charge of all the money and power. He personally felt that this dog eat dog mechanism was part of a perfect state of eternal warfare wherein the best rose to the top. Social Darwinism is rampant in the writings(?!) of the right wing in America. They bought into the concept without understanding, I hope, who promulgated the concept. Now, a fascist state should more properly be called a corporate state and fascism is actually corporatism because the biggest corporations run the government for their own advantage while waging constant wars to keep up their bottom line. Nothing is so wasteful as a war. It uses up materials and people so fast that the factories and maternity wards can barely keep up with it. Nazi Germany and fascist Italy used slave labor from the countries they ate up. America uses Americans as slaves with the illusion that they have choices, when in fact none of the possible choices amount to a rats spitball. How many channels of pure crap do Americans have to choose from and yet how many corporations control the news sources for these American consumer-bots? Damn fucking few, and there is a reason for that and it is found in chaos theory.

A corporation is words on paper that a certain number of people or other corporations must agree with. Too few units and the thing is unable to protect itself from larger, nastier entities. Too big and it takes a government to support the appetite of the Beast. A country is words on paper tied to a physical location in which the document itself defines who shall be included. Note that it is identical to a corporation except for one small point: land. Multinational corporations are not like countries because they are oblivious to geography except as it relates to commodities and resources. They don't care if their actions destroy a country and send it's people into exile. they don't care because nowhere in the Corpora does it state that they care, so they don't. In the Constitution, dear reader, there is no mention of caring for people, not people caring for people. There are mentions of the government having responsibilities, duties and powers, but nothing about giving a damn about the old, the sick, the homeless. So they don't.

They are the people who run the corporation that is America, a huge, multinational corporation whose main product is death. It runs on human souls and bodies and has been in charge of my country for about 40 years that I know of. The ultra rich in America are not always the ones with the most dollars. In times of war, constant, never-ending war the real wealthy invest in things like gold, slaves, countries. Nothing has changed in 8,000 years except the words on the paper and they signify nothing.

The only thing that never changes, according to Fred Brighton, PhD, poet, philosopher and author of "It Takes A Real Prick to Screw America", is inconsistency. And per his Theory of 1957: "The only true consistency is inconsistency, and the only true inconsistency is inconsistent inconsistency." So you may go for 200 years thinking you lived in a democracy or a democratic republic, only to wake up in a failed empire collapsing into a fascist state, or Uber-Corporation. But in one or two years it might suddenly shift into a simple society of farmers and hunters linked by fiber and separated by miles of dangerous, toxic wastelands. It's all good! Nobody gets to live forever, no matter what words there are on paper. Cheney is kidding himself that bathing in babies blood while fucking your daughter will make you immortal.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Gulf Coast Fairwell

Now that the SC has declared corporations to be People, BP can run for President, buy the election, and proclaim the Gulf of Mexico disaster to be a minor, cyclical aberration that had nothing to to do with oil drilling. That would all be legal in the world of modern America.

Lately they have been playing clips of the Twin Towers burning and collapsing. Watching the second Tower come down I was reminded of a collapsing empire, how it teeters and rebounds, slips, and burns, until finally it's obvious to everyone what is happening and it collapses the last few feet. The Empire has collapsed into it's component parts. Then everybody around is breathing unhealthy air, contaminated water and debris falling, floating and blocking all the unlucky survivors. You don't want to be too close to the center of either the Empire or the Tower.

This oil will reach the Stream and poison beaches along the Atlantic seaboard. As it slowly kills off the fish population and the bottom feeders we can expect major changes to the chemistry of the sea water. Look at pictures of "dead zones". Now, here's the thing: unless this has a cooling impact on the waters we will continue to see the ice caps melt. Should they do so as the temperature rises we can expect more active, destructive hurricanes-born in the Gulf. So we have chemical stews of poisonous brews being tossed up above the flood lines by massive CAT 5 storms hitting a beach which is several hundred feet higher anyway because the oceans are rising! Got that? Whew. The oceans become lifeless here and there, especially in the Gulf, where we used to get a lot of our fish from, since the Atlantic fish are being fished out. They also get higher all over as the ice caps melt and the Greenland icecap especially melts. Now, as I said before, unless something happens to slow the melt... and that is a done deal by now, way too much inertia behind the warming... the storms continue to get larger and faster, influenced by our constant adding to the oceans chemicals which kill off our food supply. If we dumped this crap on our soils we would have to import all our food from China.

The good news is that with decreased salinity and increased petrochemicals the Gulf Stream may not stay on course. If it does not flow north, past Iceland and down past Britain, and back around to Florida or Cuba. That's part of the reason that hurricanes spin like that. And as the air mass expands due to heating, it doesn't gain mass, it gains volume, which allows for a bigger storm ceiling, and that changes weather patterns. I am hoping their various computer simulations included such a possibility. The Stream changing course, I mean. Although that might make Paris more like Montreal or Seattle. Alas for Boston! The City That never Sleeps will finally lay down and close her eyes, perhaps for good.

Filth, death, and poison, flavored with lies and stupidity all coming towards Washington is nothing new, but this time it's not a Party, it's a multinational corporation. In other words just a guy, a person like you or me... according to the Supreme Court.