Thursday, June 03, 2010

Gulf Coast Fairwell

Now that the SC has declared corporations to be People, BP can run for President, buy the election, and proclaim the Gulf of Mexico disaster to be a minor, cyclical aberration that had nothing to to do with oil drilling. That would all be legal in the world of modern America.

Lately they have been playing clips of the Twin Towers burning and collapsing. Watching the second Tower come down I was reminded of a collapsing empire, how it teeters and rebounds, slips, and burns, until finally it's obvious to everyone what is happening and it collapses the last few feet. The Empire has collapsed into it's component parts. Then everybody around is breathing unhealthy air, contaminated water and debris falling, floating and blocking all the unlucky survivors. You don't want to be too close to the center of either the Empire or the Tower.

This oil will reach the Stream and poison beaches along the Atlantic seaboard. As it slowly kills off the fish population and the bottom feeders we can expect major changes to the chemistry of the sea water. Look at pictures of "dead zones". Now, here's the thing: unless this has a cooling impact on the waters we will continue to see the ice caps melt. Should they do so as the temperature rises we can expect more active, destructive hurricanes-born in the Gulf. So we have chemical stews of poisonous brews being tossed up above the flood lines by massive CAT 5 storms hitting a beach which is several hundred feet higher anyway because the oceans are rising! Got that? Whew. The oceans become lifeless here and there, especially in the Gulf, where we used to get a lot of our fish from, since the Atlantic fish are being fished out. They also get higher all over as the ice caps melt and the Greenland icecap especially melts. Now, as I said before, unless something happens to slow the melt... and that is a done deal by now, way too much inertia behind the warming... the storms continue to get larger and faster, influenced by our constant adding to the oceans chemicals which kill off our food supply. If we dumped this crap on our soils we would have to import all our food from China.

The good news is that with decreased salinity and increased petrochemicals the Gulf Stream may not stay on course. If it does not flow north, past Iceland and down past Britain, and back around to Florida or Cuba. That's part of the reason that hurricanes spin like that. And as the air mass expands due to heating, it doesn't gain mass, it gains volume, which allows for a bigger storm ceiling, and that changes weather patterns. I am hoping their various computer simulations included such a possibility. The Stream changing course, I mean. Although that might make Paris more like Montreal or Seattle. Alas for Boston! The City That never Sleeps will finally lay down and close her eyes, perhaps for good.

Filth, death, and poison, flavored with lies and stupidity all coming towards Washington is nothing new, but this time it's not a Party, it's a multinational corporation. In other words just a guy, a person like you or me... according to the Supreme Court.

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