Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Back Yard

This is a picture of my back yard, taken a few days ago. The lupines haven't quite opened up but they have today. Lilacs are spotted around the yard, white ones, red ones and of course the lilac ones. Some day they will be big old things and the yard will smell of their flowers. Up towards the top you can see the gate to the veggie garden but you can't quite make out the line of tomato cages along the path to the gate. I put in Oxhearts separated by amaranths and basil. This way I can walk out to the garden to collect lettuce, onions, spinach and then walk back and pick big orange tomatoes and maybe some basil to make a nice pesto. Oh I do like to eat my yard.
If you look at the crook with the bird feeder hanging from it you can see the suet on the other side complete with woodpecker digging away. The path through the wooden arch goes to the studio and past the berries and grapes. The herb garden in the stone circle started out more herby but now has a mix of flowers and herbs. Ornamental onions, lavender, oregano and sage all have bluish-purple flowers so it works well. Violets are mixed in everywhere. The flowers and leaves can go into a salad and they have a nice relaxing chemistry. Oh yeah, and by the right of the gate you can make out the white plastic tub I made into a compost bin for things like squash to grow out of. It's very nice out there. Many a guest has remarked on the quiet and calm in the back yard. Some have come back several times just to walk around. I wonder if the pheasants and foxes actually intend to come and get stuck in the garden? Maybe it's in some animal version of AAA tour books.