Saturday, March 06, 2010

They Didn't Let Me Post This

...all the forums have limits on the babble they can post and I babbled on too long, so I am posting it here:

A "country" is a concept, an agreement between individuals. Our nation was formed via a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Through the years we have amended our nation and our rights by making agreements with the world, for instance on how we will conduct ourselves in war. None of the agreements and contracts have any meaning if we show the world that we have no respect for written agreements, for treaties or promises. By killing civilians in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations like Gitmo and simply ignoring those deaths as somehow unimportant we show the world that the United States is untrustworthy and dangerous. The more we kill the more dangerous we show ourselves to be. We even poison fish supplies by dumping garbage and chemicals into the waters off Somalia and Peru. In short, in spite of our past actions where we "saved the world" we are killing it now. As my father used to say, "That dog won't hunt."
The world will someday stop us, it will have to in order to save itself. I would hope we could somehow do it ourselves, thus saving millions of lives, but we will have to turn off the TV and march in the cold, being chased by security forces and maybe even jailed. The question is, do we believe in anything anymore enough to risk our peace if not our lives?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Life Is Like A Two-Way Street

So much of life is binary, two-fold, two-

faced, too much. It seems that the initial

response to life, the immediate response, is

pure bi-polar good-bad, instantly. A bit of

tissue moves away from a bright light, or

towards it. This is my response: that it can

be a gray zone when no immediate response is

possible. Say you are interested in speaking

with someone and you are in a dark room,

possibly even outside in a new moon

situation, but you are walking about in the

dark while looking for someone and you bump

into someone. You may startle back and then

exhale to exclaim, "Whoosh! Oh, Jack! I was

looking for you!" To which Jack might say,

"In the dark, Jill?" But it doesn't matter,

Jill was looking for Jack and found Jack, so

that was "good", right? Well, yes, in the

short term, but in the immediate term, the

moment of contact, Jill stepped back and

inhaled sharply, before recognizing Jack's

leather jacket and exhaling like a hoot owl.

The owl was a symbol of wisdom, knowledge,

by virtue of an association with a version

of the Goddess.

Jill had a response that was from a

different part of her brain than the one

that "knew" Jack's leather jacket. In fact,

in a dark room it only knew "me" and "not

me- dangerous". This binary knowledge of

life is cellular. It comes from our spine

and the base of our brain; it comes from our

nerves in our fingers. Both Jill and Jack

and ourselves are a vast condominium complex

of cells and cell families. Just like any

small town most cells know or are aware of

the cells around the neighborhood. They are

much more aware of their families, the cells

they most have physical contact with. Some

cells just bounce around in fluids, like

"white bloods" and "the reds", who sometimes

get into altercations with other cells,

especially those from outside the

neighborhood, like rose thorns. There are

times when cells will die in the attempt to

kill other cells from outside the 'hood.

So it might be noted that racism is at it's

roots a cellular artifact. It should be

understood as that and treated as that. A

viral infection, such as re-writing history

can change an aversion to an insane hatred,

leading to a violent confrontation, death

and corruption. Corruption of the core

systems of the body will kill it, make it

incapable of going along with the everyday

needs of life. Cells die all the time. They

get replaced, until someday they don't. Then

some move on to other lifestyles. Compost.

Other compilations of living organisms may

recycle most of what is left. This is also

how cultures takes up the remains of other

cultures. They take up the knowledge, the

rituals, and the history of other cultures.

Suppose Jack had ingested a slice of rye

bread which had been made from flour

containing generous amounts of a fungal

infection called ergot that likes to grow on

certain cells. This bread now is being

digested in Jack's stomach and the

ergot amine poisoning has him seeing

everything in bright red flames and Jill's

eyes are burning coals while her hands are

those of a demonic banshee. So, naturally

when Jack said, "In the Dark, Jill?" he

meant the Dark Side, ie, Hell. So when she

reached for his face Jack did what any other

all American boy holding a bucket of water

would do: he beaned Jill on the head,

causing her to fall and twist her ankle.

Finding Jack in the dark like that was

really "bad" for Jill, and "bad" for Jack,

who continued on his psychedelic rampage for

another 12 hours and finally is arrested for

attacking a lamp post with a baseball bat,

and resisting arrest, assaulting an officer,

profanity and attempted sexual assault. Jack

had a real bad time after that.

Good - Bad? Who is to say? That's why they

call them "cell phones" so there is better

communication between the cells, and this

sort of thing doesn't happen. Jill could

have called someone, maybe Peter, and asked

where Jack was, whereupon Peter would

clumsily explain that they had gotten some

"bad bread, man" and everybody was freaking

out! She might have then tried to find a

safe place to sit it out, maybe called

someone else to meet her with a flashlight


Timing is critical, timing and experience.

If Jill had not wasted time hanging around

the 'hood with Jack and had got to night

school, or maybe taken classes in aikido or

intervention techniques, she could have

handled the encounter with a host of

variations.Alas for Jill, so many of them

would have gotten her hurt and Jack freaked

out, but at least two variations would have

had them making crazy monkey love under a

full moon, so that would be good.