Saturday, March 06, 2010

They Didn't Let Me Post This

...all the forums have limits on the babble they can post and I babbled on too long, so I am posting it here:

A "country" is a concept, an agreement between individuals. Our nation was formed via a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Through the years we have amended our nation and our rights by making agreements with the world, for instance on how we will conduct ourselves in war. None of the agreements and contracts have any meaning if we show the world that we have no respect for written agreements, for treaties or promises. By killing civilians in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations like Gitmo and simply ignoring those deaths as somehow unimportant we show the world that the United States is untrustworthy and dangerous. The more we kill the more dangerous we show ourselves to be. We even poison fish supplies by dumping garbage and chemicals into the waters off Somalia and Peru. In short, in spite of our past actions where we "saved the world" we are killing it now. As my father used to say, "That dog won't hunt."
The world will someday stop us, it will have to in order to save itself. I would hope we could somehow do it ourselves, thus saving millions of lives, but we will have to turn off the TV and march in the cold, being chased by security forces and maybe even jailed. The question is, do we believe in anything anymore enough to risk our peace if not our lives?

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