Saturday, April 18, 2009

Change We Can Believe In

Well, besides the new dog and the new fridge, I also have a new laptop to play with. I just downloaded Scribefire and added it to Firefox. The new laptop is running Vista Premium and it's a pleasant surprise. Go figure. Now I can take my computer with me when I travel taking pictures and use the card reader to transfer the images into Picasa. Anything doesn't look good enough, I just take up the camera and take another shot. Marvelous technology!

The cat is climbing up the screen door again. She has learned after awhile I will get pissed enough to open the door and let her in again. Then she will check the food bowl for fresh wet food and if it's not just right (full) she will go yowl at the kitchen door until I get pissed and go toss her out. A few minutes later she will notice that she's out in the cold and will run around to the front screen door etc etc. Why can't she be more like Wrigley? sigh

Hmmm. This chair/laptop combination is starting to hurt a lot. Seems the angle of the dangle is all wrong, my spine is tingling, my legs are numb and the upper body is knotted up big time. So, bye.