Monday, November 08, 2010

New Bricks Arriving, Old Friend Leaving

Thanks to an old pal who is leaving fascist America for the Netherlands, I just acquired enough insulating fire brick to add to my collection of hard bricks and finish my wish list for my new kiln. Not only that, but Mike sold me a complete burner set up for propane firings with cutoff valves equipped with temperature sensors ($10!!) This completes the first phase. Now I build a nice 6' tall, single arch kiln/oven which can be fired with either wood or propane and used as either a big bread oven using wood for fuel or a nice sculpture kiln using the gas. Wow! I can now also convert the big noborigama kiln to use either gas or wood or both. Amazing. All I need now is a slab roller to go along with the pug mill Mike sold me. I can process my old clays, roll them into slabs and cut the slabs into tiles, plates, saucers, bowls etc and bisque them in the electric and fire them in the new kiln. Probably can't get started exactly until the spring...unless the winter is relatively easy on me. I might be able to build the base from cinder blocks. yay!