Wednesday, August 05, 2009

In Memorium: Hidey Cat

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I got frustrated opening doors for her, but it was a bit of a game and I really didn't mind, Hidey. Some time ago some slob of a civil servant gave Ernst Road the same speed limit as State Route 50. Posted at 45 MPH, our little tree lined, winding road has become hazardous for those who live here. In spite of warning her about the people flying along at 50-60 MPH Hidey liked to improve her hunting skills behind the dumpster across the street. Lots of mice over there, as well as her friend, Linus. Hidey was a purr machine and a real lady. She had a delicate grace and a sense of humor. Born in NYC, she came to our home via Jess, who wanted more for Hidey than being trapped all day in an apartment. Hidey became an excellent hunter and often stayed out late looking for critters to bother and sometimes eat. In recent weeks she had gotten to know Wrigley better, even touched noses a couple of times. She was settling down to be a country cat.

The problem with cars, aside from everything, is that when you drive along at ten over the speed limit you don't look down or up, you just fly along oblivious to the fact that there are hundreds of pounds of steel and plastic carrying you over other animal's paths and trails. Many critters can't comprehend this, can't SEE the car coming. I don't know who hit Hidey or if they like cats or dogs, but they don't realize the pain our family is suffering now. Another love is lost from life.

Hidey, come back if you get the chance. I hope your new kittenhood is in the country and filled with growing catnip and lazy mice. We miss you, I miss you. Wrigley would if he thought about it. Peace unto you, my furry friend, may Goddess Bless.

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