Saturday, August 29, 2009

America the Once Beautiful

Obama is a failed President because he presides over a failed government. Our Bill of Rights is now a Limited Contract of Privileges under the control of the President. Our Constitution is seen as a set of guidelines, not Laws. And all of our Legislature, minus maybe Byrd and Kucinich, are businessmen selling themselves and any part of the government over which they have control. WE, the People are seen as commodities which are sold to the highest bidder. We are guaranteed to consume ten times the amount of any other population, so the foreign owners of what was American business can expect great profits over a long term. Obama was sold out before he began and he is as domesticated as the rest of us. He resists conflict like a man who grew up in an alcoholics family, beaten by a man stinking of gin. He wants to be liked and he does not want to be lynched. So he has compromised the heart of America just as Bush compromised her soul. We get the leftovers, the bones and dried flesh of a once great Republic.

What we have here, clearly, is the evolution of the United Corporations of America and Beyond. Every person at any reasonably elevated post in the government, say maybe anyone elected, is invested in the businesses of America. Some specialize in real estate, some in weapons, some in more arcane dealings. White slavery is very profitable and legal if you call it something else.

If we use the analogy of a dairy farm, one of my favorites, we the cattle are trained from birth to be domesticated consumers, docile and if not content at least not organized effectively. But in this current form the farmers are no longer caring for their cattle in a way as to insure their survival into old age. Why? Because we only give milk in our youth. Like chickens and other farm critters Americans can be profitable only into middle age and then they start needing more than they give out. So, what is a modern farmer to do? Cull the herd. So they start a war.

It works out especially well since the farmer owns a munitions factory down the road. He's also fond of steaks and leather seating. His gardens use bone meal and blood meal. So everything works out well for the evolutionary peak animals, Corporate Capitalists.

But in the woods and nearby fields are feral critters like deer and wild oxen. They come to the fences and encourage the cattle (us) to leave the farm and live a natural life. The response of most domesticated animals is a slow chewing of their cuds and a few belches. Some, however, listen well enough to try to leave the farm and join the woodland creatures, maybe open up a mom and pop cheese store. How can the farmer keep up their obscene profit margins if parts of the herd leave? Well you can regulate the small farms out of existence, you can buy them up and sell their parts to small parts of themselves, little connected farms that used to be privately owned and operated. Now they are part of the United Corporations of America and Beyond. What about the ferals themselves, the free thinkers, the Liberals? Outlaw them, build tall concrete fences around the farm. Land mines can be placed along the Mexico border and twelve packs of beer blocking the Canadian border. Change the school so the calves can't read worth beans. Encourage mindless hours of violent games and movies. Encourage breeding of the calves, selling off the unwanted offspring. You could take a page from Jefferson's journal and breed with members of your herd to make more cattle for sale or milking.

Ever notice that there are a lot of holidays and songs dedicated to War events but damn few dedicated to Peace? We had more but they started lumping the Presidents' birthdays together as Presidents Day. We never have a day off to celebrate non-wars, like when we landed on the moon. Shouldn't the first human on the moon be celebrated as much as the end of our first nuclear war?

It would be so nice if our children had accurate history books instead of propaganda and lies. It would hurt to see the harm our nation has caused, but most nations have black spots on their history. We just have mostly black spots on ours. Personally, people coming to hear the President with automatic weapons and handguns seems like a black spot. Oddly enough, the more they threaten his life directly the more Obama steps back and waters down the help we need in this pasture. He looks brave enough, but he's a black man in a white government and the sheets are on the line, the crosses have been planted on the White House lawn. I don't blame him, but it would be swell if he stood before a microphone and said, "I quit! You sons of bitches are too fucked up for words. All you think about is your stock holdings! You don't give a rats ass for the People. I'm going back to Chicago to run a soup kitchen." I could respect a man who did that. I can't respect a man who thinks secret prisons are okay, the Geneva conventions are mere suggestions, and kidnapping people from the streets of the world and torturing them is a "necessary evil." NO, it's not, Mr. President. Treating people like animals is not a necessary evil, it's just plain evil.

I move we consider a motion to sell off our assets and dissolve this corporation as of July 4th 2010.

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