Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deepest Darkest Africa

At the moment our President is speaking in Ghana to their parliament. I gotta tell ya, it is SO great having a President who speaks as if he could write his own scripts. Someone who can use big words and little words, someone who seems to understand the big words. Now if he actually can do much of what he speaks about, it would be swell.

There is a scene in a Richard Pryor bit I think about somehow when watching the Pres. A shrink is giving Richard a word association test. "Black-white," and then it goes into "spear-chucker, jungle bunny, jiggaboo, and finally, of course, nigger. Pryor has become increasingly angry and wild eyed, "cracker, whitey, honky, and then finally DEAD honky! I like to imagine Barak staring down some southern legislator, saying "DEAD honky" and having the Cheney Assasination Squad haul him away. sigh. we can only hope.

African Americans forget what we are pretty sure is the store of our race. The human race, ya know, because science tells us that DNA refutes the concept of race divisions. We ALL come from Africa. We walked out of Kenya and headed out to bleach our skin, to grow smaller, taller, whiter, and then return to make slaves of our cousins. And of course, it's a good idea to recall that black Africans sometimes sold their kin to the white Africans from America and Europe. Nothing is ever split into a clean 50-50 like black and white, good and evil. Is it more evil to bring a black child to Mississippi as a slave or to kidnap them and turn them into soldiers in Africa? Hard to say. I'd give them both an A+ for evil.

CNN is broadcasting a story about a group of black kids paying $1950 to a PA country club to use the pool. All them little jungle bunnies just splashing away in the same water as white folk use! Yikes, there's neeegrows in the water! Well they returned the money after throwing the darkies out and fully expected everybody to go away happy. This is a good example of just how freaking stupid bigots are. Oddly enough the black children were not happy. We have a nice clip of one young American weeping in the year 2009 because white country club owners didn't want black children in their pool. I guess a black President didn't miraculously turn idiots into citizens. Ah well. Funny thing, the next story line was Spike Lee making the same observation. I kind of wonder if They let a black man into the WH just to keep the neegrows happy. Well, as a fellow African American, although a pale version, I resent bigotry wherever it may be and whoever gets hurt should have a loud voice so we all can see what is happening.

Now we are back in white America, talking about paying down debts and interest rates. Not crying black children, we talked about them for a minute or two, now let's talk about credit cards. Wouldn't it be interesting to have a prolonged discusion about how we relate to one another? Like a few hours, maybe. Well, the next black President can handle that in the year 2090.

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