Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fred Brighton-57

"The only true consistency is inconsistency, and true inconsistency is inconsistently inconsistent."

Brighton's Theory of '57 shook the philosophical world, and they all went down to the local pub to have a few pints of brown ale and to discuss the implications of the young philosopher's new work.

"So, in other words, the Universe could be just cooking along, doing it's thing, and then POOF it all changes, with no obvious connection between one Universe and the Next. That moment before, that last moment of the Old Order, that might have been a minute ago. But up on the top shelf of your bookcase there is a mote of dust where before there was none.

"And the names of the Demons of the Gate are Belief and Perception, And Belief wields a mighty staff to block the passage of unbelievers, Whereas Perception swings the Green Jade Sword, which alone can cut through all blocks to Knowledge and so to Wisdom."

The cat climbs onto the top of the outdoor sink and then leaps to grab the lip of the sill of the bathroom window. Then she scrambles and cries and scratches at the siding with her hind legs. Someone opens the screen and pulls the cat through, and then replaces the screen.
"Where you been, cat?"
"Me? Out."
Tch tch tch. "That's what you told me last night." The light goes out, the door closes. Now muffled:
"I'm beginning to think you ain't gonna pay back that money. I'm beginning to wonder about this friend of yours, what's his name?"
"Yeah, Burt. I think I should meet this guy. Soon. Like this afternoon. Now what?"
"...me out! Now!"
"Alright, alright. Here's the kitchen door. Now go find that Burt meatball and get MY dough!"
The cat runs to the birding station and waits to see if a bird is going to land there. She waits a minute, then two. Her tail twitches, just the tip, from side to side. Suddenly she whirls and runs to the shady side of the house, to the outdoor sink. She jump to the small screen covering the bathroom window and starts to loudly proclaim,
"You'll get your goddam money when and if you learn not to replace the fuggin' window screen! Now get in here, NOW!"

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