Thursday, June 12, 2008

Merv Griffin

The last time Jess was up she brought a friend, a kid named Ritchie. Nice kid, very quiet and so forth. Anyway I brought him up to the studio to see some more of my work. We walked about while I explained things,
"This is a portrait of my second wife, The Witch of the East. This is another Persephone..." until we came to one of my latest pieces, the Griffin. I've been adding color to it and looking at it, getting it right.
"His name is Mervin." I said.
"Merv Griffin. Huh." The kid responded. I've shown this to a few folk and he was the only one to "get it" and when you think that Merv Griffin is not a household name anymore... I think. Anyway I was impressed. So he's complete now, I think. He's got a name. Meet Merv Griffin.

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