Tuesday, January 20, 2004

So today I went and got my body scanned for osteowhatsit....checking bone density. Seems my tumble down the basement steps fractured another vertebrae, just what I needed, but maybe they can re-inflate it if it hasn't been too long since the fall. I tried taking my back injuries and overlaying them on the Tree of Life to see which chakras or sephora line up. So far I have made no conclusions as to the cosmic nature of these things. I think the idea is to make me hurt a long for as long as possible. Maybe this is what a sculpture feels like inside the kiln as it's body changes into something different. Maybe I'll be harder and shinier after this. I'd like to say I'll be more careful, but I doubt I could back that up with any real hope.

The more you hurt, the more you notice the pain. Now that I know a bone in my back is crushed and needs a needle and some Great Stuff injected I seem to really be able to point right to the break. Funny thing is I find that knowing that I'm not a wimp has helped a bit, except for the pain. It may mean shorter posts as my back won't let me sit for very long. I guess I should not be carrying 50 lbs of hen food up the drive... Probably wasn't a good idea before I fell, but now it's for sure. I'll be able to fly to San Francisco to help care for mom and dad for two weeks, which will give my sister a break. Her break will go better than mine, no doubt.

Almost heard George Bush give his BIG LIE tonight on the TV. Everything is fine, go back to your workstations and don't foget to vote for George. The millions of people out of work, out of health care, out of hope don't matter. The trillions of dollars flowing out of the country to support our happy allies the Communist Chinese... the guys who brought us the Korean War, the Viet Nam War, and are now our best buds, well, that's nothing to fret about. It'll be our grand kids who pay back the loans. Unless the guys who said they would overwhelm us decide to call in their loans. The Chinese hold about 1/3 of the US national debt. We borrow money from a country with 10,000 nuclear missiles aimed at our hearts. This is not well thought out. Now the pain in my back is matched by a pain in my head as I try to understand why it's so important to tear down our country from the inside. I guess it's just another attempt by the Bush family to find some place where even George can't do any harm. But, they left him hanging with a group of psychotics and bloodsuckers. That was bad planning on their part, now we're screwed.

The next election is already fixed, we know the winner. Now we just have to decide if we have any chance at all of getting out of the country with our crippled backs before the economy crashes and we start paying for bread with wheelbarrows of greenbacks. If not, I have a big garden and some chickens, but I'll have to buy a rooster. That means I'll get woken up even earlier, and that means more back pain so I sure hope he wasn't lying when he said that we would have some kind of drug plan in place for old guys who broke their backs too many times. Otherwise I hope he lets us distill our own tonics and grow our own herbal meds. I have to go now before the back starts in twitching from sitting too long. The leg is already kicking in, tingling and burning. The back is stiff as a board but not as stiff as Dick Cheney's upper lip in the face of certain disaster if we can't get the UN to somehow bail us out while making George look like he can kill women and children and still be a born-again Christian. I guess plenty of Popes did it, so he can too. Like the Egyptian Pharohs of old, they are all on their way to immortality. I'm on my way to bed.

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