Friday, January 23, 2004

Memo to self. Go to Staples and buy one of those little digital recorders. I can't find my daughter's, so I guess I'll have to buy me one. Another "object" to lose. I'm sure I made this memo to myself many, many times....usually while driving. I put on "Pirates" in honor of my daughter. She likes pirates and I often wonder if my "asides" did that. You know, stuff like my something or another was a pirate, or horsethief...She might have liked those stories and then decided she liked pirates best. Don't know. But I gave her a little recorder and told her I thought she very probably would have these great ideas, so here's this recorder to capture them. Well, turns out she's all "anti-technology" and likes to write memos to herself, but she took the recorder and I thought she left it in her room. I was going to borrow it and "capture" some of my more interesting thoughts. In case I ever had one...something besides "DAMN! THAT hurt!" when the shooting pains happen. That's pretty rare, unless I spend too much time at a keyboard, like writing in a Blog. So this should be short.

My asides. "A great many people seem to have an idea that a sure fire test for soul is communication. The thing is, that eliminates those beings who choose not to, who don't understand the question...They thought they were having a FINE conversation, and those whose communication is so subtle and delicate that you have to pause.....and listen. You listen first outside, like to the CD playing, the house creaking. Then you maybe listen to more inside thoughts. Then, sometimes, communication is achieved. And it's always something of a surprise."

Year of the monkey. I'm presented, always, with the image of this monkey with his hand caught in a hole because he won't let go of a fruit, or something. Someone asked me what I thought I was trying to say to myself in injuring my back so often and so hard. I said I thought I probably should stop falling down so hard. Maybe roll more. And definitely pay more attention to central details as fringe details. Less time sitting and more time thinking. AHHHHHH! That means I should go check to see that I haven't let the sink overflow again.

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