Friday, October 26, 2012


In the last year I have spent much too much time on Facebook just looking at other pictures and seeing how some artists around the world are doing. Not a bad thing to any great extent but still here we sit with almost a year of no journal. Now we have to catch up.

The state of New York has decided that they will cut a deal with the Northeast Center for Special Care, where Jon is staying. They will let them have more beds ($$) if they make them all "short term care". Since Jon is obviously not short term he will have to be moved. Nobody has given a lot of thought to what happens to people like Jon, just so long as the guys at the top keep making money. Well, eleven years ago we took 6 months to find one place that would accept Jon in his condition. Nothing has changed much in the intervening years except maybe fewer locations willing to accept a man with a trache and a coma. I am going down a short list of place which are not under indictment or being investigated or fined. It is not surprising in this country to find out how corrupt the health care system is, but still disappointing because when you mention this many people are upset at "dissing America" but a pig is a pig even in lipstick. Long term care doesn't make a huge profit and the only turnover is when they die, so they are not anxious to keep the patients who have no chance of healing. You might have noticed that with that attitude there is no chance of healing Jon. I have.

Meanwhile the roof still leaks, the ceiling threatens to collapse and both of our vehicles died in one week. It's been a busy summer. Once the built up beam is designed and placed we can get somebody to sheet rock the living room, we can bring home some of the furniture in storage and close down the storage unit. That will free up a bit of money towards the car payments. That will also exhaust our savings. Welcome to retirement, Margaret! But we have many opportunities to do better. We can grow more of our own food, go to farmers markets and sell stuff, enter art shows and practice my photography. Next year might be better weather, too and if we start earlier we should have better luck in the garden. This year it rained for over a week precisely when the beans were drying on the vines. I thought foolishly that dried beans would be easier to pick than trying to get out there every damn day and pick the green ones. Now we have no beans from that bed. Luckily for me I always plant a few beds with the same crop in case something happens. So we have a freezer with green and yellow beans, just no crocks of dried beans. I give it a "C" grade.

It's 4:15 AM and I should be sleeping but I find it hard to get back to sleep when there are so many things which need me. So I will take naps during the slow moments. That's about it for now...I need some hot tea and some time to think about things. This election coming up might be significant if the Fascists win. I'm not sure how much more the poor can take and we aren't exactly rich. Curiously I begin to see that climate change might be the only thing which could stop the USA from becoming Germany of the 1930's. When your Capitol is under water you have to notice something is up. Even Donald Trump, moron and chief mouth for the right will have to admit that with NYC abandoned and Washington DC under water we might want to review what we did to cause this. I am sure the Trump will say it's that nigger's fault in the White House except he won't say what he's thinking, he'll call him a "liberal" and that means the same thing to the Right.

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