Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I'm Being Watched

I have evidence that I am being read. They never leave their name and they don't always write in American, but they seem to enjoy reading what I have written. Interesting. Just in time for my acquiring fans my knuckles are getting bigger, the finger tips are pointing the wrong directions and my toes hurt. The edges are fraying. I always feel that my pains are from my son, in order to bear his pains. That would be about right, his hands are curled and useless and my fingers are throbbing. His feet have dropped and my toes can't stand pressure. IN a perfect world a son would inherit what his father left behind. In my world the father fades and curls like an Autumn leaf in a fire, burning in the passion a father feels for an injured child. My words are also my children, and they can't leave this page any more than Jon can walk away from the Center. But it's nice to know somebody has come visiting and left a kind word. Now if Jon fares as well, he will smile and focus his eyes on something nice.

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Jen said...

I came across your blog tonight after reading a comment on the Huffington Post where you mentioned your son. Your story touched me and saddened me, seeing what you do for him, but also reading that his friends didn't stay in his life after his injury. I just want to let you know that like you, I'm a person with faith but with no religion, but I'll be thinking of you and your son from here in the UK. I'm also following you on twitter (user name is Crazy_Sauce, just in case you were wondering about the follow).