Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dear Mr. Murdoch

Dear Mr. Murdoch,

I noticed today an article in which it was stated that every Republican potential candidate for President in 2012 is employed by you. Congratulations on your finalizing the takeover of American government. Now that you own Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House you can complete the conversion from a "democratic" republic to a true fascist state. I have to assume you will then announce that America's debts are not the debts of New America, or whatever you plan to call it. I expect you will retain the name to help the people adjust. Anyway, that seems logical. The Chinese will object, as will India and Japan, and for obvious reasons Great Britain will not. If you want my take on it I would suggest that China might be willing to have California and Hawaii in order to wash the slate clean for them. Maybe Japan should get Hawaii, that would be so ironic. 8-)
I am not writing this to sing your praises and make suggestions, actually. I am asking you if you expect the "wrong thinkers" will be allowed to leave the country or if you plan mass executions. The reason I ask is that my family and I will likely fall into one of the categories flagged for removal. I am 60 years old, disabled with a back condition so I require a lot of medication. I also have never voted Republican, and although I only occasionally voted Democrat I am sure the Tea Partiers would consider me a liberal. Personally I consider myself to be a financial conservative and a social liberal. So it seems logical that my family would be sent to the camps. That being the case I would like to have a chance at political asylum in a European country like Holland or Sweden. I doubt very much European countries will welcome a flood of refugees so I would like to start the process now. If you would indicate how scapegoated minorities will be treated in the New America it would save you and yours a great deal of effort and money by allowing people like me to leave before things get hot around here.
Traditionally a new fascist government cements it's power over the population by creating a mass sin for all to share. Germany used the Death Camps. With all the people having supported the camps by supporting the fascists they would obviously share the blame and the effort to ensure they won the war. I expect you are too savvy to have an actual war per se since your background is more along the lines of a financial manipulator. This would save the damage to real property and livestock. So a propaganda war and a redistribution of the wealth is the likeliest path. The war to be won, then, would be a paper war to see which corporation ends up on top. I would not forget the religious element here. The neo-Muslims continue to be a violent component in the Mideast and like you the leaders are eager to expand their sphere of influence. A treaty of some kind is the most probable tack to take with them, probably offering them most of the Mideast save Israel. That done it would be simple to sign a fuel and resource agreement with the Saudi family and others.
I'm thinking it's a done deal since there is no force nor government capable of stopping you, with the possible exception of the Neo-Muslims and as noted above they can be bought. So the most important thing for me is an indication about the deposition of the scapegoats to allow me to start applying for refugee status or arranging for some kind of safety net for my family. I'd very much appreciate it. I realize there is no Earthly reason for you to reply since I'm a nobody, but I am hoping your sense of humor might be a factor and my plight amuse you. In that case we might work an arrangement. I hope so.

Will Shirley
poet, philosopher and artist

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