Monday, January 18, 2010

what i said

Ya know, voting in the Nazi Party would send a message to those bad old Democrats! If we wrote in Charlie Manson for President that would sure show them. After all, this IS all about "sending messages" rather than running the country, right? yeah! Vote in a communist to send a message to the right wingnuts and vote in a Nazi to show them lefties. Don't worry about actually solving the vital social issues of the day, or the decade, just send messages and pout when things go against you. What the heck has happened to American intellect?? Can you people look past your petty party loyalties for a second and SEE the world for a change? WE are bombing Muslim babies and their relatives are trying to bomb OUR babies. Nobody is talking, nobody is listening. Does you religion require madness? Are you obligated to kill all non-believers? Then move to Australia or some other place besides America. Let's live up to our propaganda and CARE about life and CARE about people.

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