Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Musings on a Sunny Monday


After reading the above piece I found that I was feeling dizzy and vague and I realized what it was: shock. I've seen clips of these people off and on and they never were as venomous, hate-filled and dangerous as the material in Heath's blog shows. I would have thought that the calls from these writers and radio show hosts to go out and murder and torture "libs" was breaking some kind of law. Even with the 1st Amendment there is still the legal concept that you cannot use free speech to incite murder or riots. We've arrested Muslims all over America for spouting such hate. But when a fat, cigar-smoking manly American says the same thing, he gets a pass. In fact, he gets a bonus, fan clubs, merchandising and millions of dollars.

“I’ll tell you who should be tortured and killed at Guantanamo: every filthy Democrat in the U.S. Congress. “ says Sean Hannity and yet in spite of all the laws to protect people from violence he doesn't get a slap on the hand.

There is a layer of very dangerous people in America, people who have decided the Law is for the weak and the important thing is that America and the world be formed into a reflection of their own prejudices, hatreds and fears. Violence is their first resort, and like an Anti-Christ their leader is the opposite of all the values expressed by their supposed spiritual focus. He's rich, ignorant, hate-filled, violent and shallow. He protects himself while putting others in harm's way. He approves of mass murder, calling it "war" and thinks dead children are "regrettable". He doesn't care about life, he holds nothing truly sacred and his primary personality trait is egoism.

Amazingly, when you look at it, the official American religion is Anti-Christianity. Follow the money, connect the dots. How do Americans view care for the sick and elderly? What's the first thing that gets gutted from a state budget in economic down times? Besides funding for education, it's the hospitals and nursing homes that get their funds slashed. Here in NY we have a blind, unshaven, cross-eyed, dark skinned man for a Governor and when businesses are leaving because of high taxes and ignorant workers he slashes funding for education and health care and raises taxes on businesses. If you could form an analogy of this on an individual basis it's roughly like applying leeches to a diabetic with a high fever.

So instead of healing the sick, we cause sickness: selling contaminated peanuts, meat, salads, water supplies etc. instead of lifting their minds we force feed statistics in over-crowded crumbling schools. We send billions of tons of toxic chemicals into the air, water and earth all over the Earth, killing and maiming thousands, perhaps millions. We haul our garbage to sites off of foreign shores, killing the fisheries and starving villages. We do all this in the open, with various excuses, but with no sign that we plan to stop the killing any time soon. It would not be "cost effective" and would cut into our bottom line.

Christians worship a man who preached love and tolerance and American Anti-Christians follow men who bugger little boys while smoking crack and embezzling church money. They sing in huge crystal domes about crossing the Jordon River when most have never left their home state and couldn't find the Jordon River on a map. They send billions of bullets and bombs to the Holy land to kill people and soak the sands with blood.Some even claim to be doing this in the Name of Christ!

Well, I could go on, but sometimes something I read just sets off a fuse. If we can arrest and imprison people for preaching violence against America, why confine the law to just Muslims? Why not arrest Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter and the rest of the neo-cons? They preach insurrection, armed conflict and assassination. Aren't those crimes? They appear to be when a blind Muslim cleric says the exact same things. Right wing nuts blow up churches, post hate filled letters online, and promote the overthrow of the American government. I'd say those are crimes, and big ones at that. Yet rather than sitting in jail these people are actually becoming wealthy as American Anti-Christians send in their tithes. This is the same layer of society who financed Hitlers rise to power prior to WW2. Right wing fanatics, Republican, (anti-)Christian, upper class along with their followers. We were and are a gnat's ass away from becoming a brown shirted bunch of goose-steppers, with even more blood on our hands. Yet if I wrote a letter suggesting people track down Rush, tear his fingernails off and burn him alive nailed to a cross, they would track me down and arrest me. Rightly so.

Any exception to a rule invalidates that rule.

A new rule may be devised which includes the exception.

Continuing the process eventually creates a rule which is the direct opposite of the original rule.

This pendulum swing of rules and exceptions is the roadmap of civilization.

The Mongols considered their sweep across Europe as bringing the light of civilization to a barbaric land of savages. American anti-Christians considered their slaughter of thousands of natives as bringing the light of civilization to a land of ignorant savages. They nevertheless used the natives form of government as a model for the new Republic of America.

Many native tribes own and operate casinos where they encourage non-natives to gamble away their earnings, smoke contaminated tobacco and drink expensive alcoholic beverages, thus getting retribution for things like the Trail of Tears.

Twaddle, Twit and Twoh
Went out to see a show.

Said Twaddle to Twit,
"But where shall we sit?"

Said Twit to Twoh,
"We have to know!"

Said Twoh to Twaddle,
"We'll have to do battle!"

To battle they did go
And ended Twaddle, Twit, and Twoh.

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