Monday, March 31, 2008

The times they are a-changing

When Jon first got hurt I thought I was in some sort of deep dark well. I knew there was light somewhere, some answers about brain injury and coma but I didn't know where to look. Now if you do a Google search for traumatic brain injury you find all kinds of articles and stories and web pages. It's a lot easier to find things out. I think a lot of it is due to the people coming back from the War with various degrees of brain injuries. With a sudden upswing of people needing to know more about what to do the MSM is sniffing up a good story. After all, it's insidious. You never know what symptoms might pop up. On the support group I read about a man dealing with his wife's tendency to bite him when he tries to help her. There's always the sudden personality changes that happen with TBI, like the church going kid who suddenly starts shoplifting and swearing. Now multiply these problems by tens of thousands and you get an idea of what is happening in American families all over the country.

We're getting ready to start making more soaps and taking them down to Lake Katrine to try to sell to Jon's nurses. I figure I need to get my back to a place where I can drive down again with minimal pain. Hell, just sitting here typing is hurting me pretty bad, but I want to try to lay out the basic story here and then take the posts and compile them into a book on the family, assuming my big sister will finally honor her promise about sending me those diaries. Otherwise I have to just write about Jon and frankly there isn't a lot to say after the big seizures he had. He hasn't moved much at all since then, except for those occasional rare episodes that get me all excited again but never happen for the doctors. It reminds me of a paranormal problem I read about years ago: what if ghosts never can appear in front of somebody who does not already believe in them? What if your locked in loved one only moves when it's just you and he? Well, then you sound like an idiot when you try to explain the look on his face or how this movement was more obvious and deliberate. Yeah right.

Well as I said in the previous posting I'm trying Scribefire for Seamonkey and it seems to work pretty good. Oddly enough, though, "Scribefire" is not in the dictionary. Now let's try to add a picture and see how well that works. This is mom's puppy "Mighty Mouse".

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