Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Village Stream- Ballston Spa

While waiting for the Volvo to be repaired I wandered around the village and took some pictures. I will upload some more later but I thought this one was pretty nice. The colors under the ice and the patterns of the swirling water are remarkable. Larry used to take a lot of water pictures, in fact he took a few of this stream before flying back to Washington state. I'm still using his camera, the one he gave me. It was his first digital and at 2 mp it's almost an antique, but it serves me well enough. Nothing shows the seasons like water. The colors change more in water than they do in trees. There's life in there as well. Trout and little shiny fingerlings, frogs and beetles all gather around the shore and sing or gurgle. In the summer the fireflies are so intense you think the Milky Way has come down for a drink. In the winter you hear the water flowing and the soft tinkle of ice on ice. It's reassuring to know that the Goddess has so many voices and so many forms. I feel surrounded by life even on the coldest day or the darkest night. Hope you like this one, Allison. Feel free to share anything you like.
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