Wednesday, December 12, 2007

From the Washington Post:

"On Monday, President Bush expressed deep concern about the Russian actions. "I am particularly troubled by the use of force by law enforcement authorities to stop these peaceful activities and to prevent some journalists and human rights activists from covering them," Bush said in a statement.

"The freedoms of expression, assembly and press, as well as due process, are fundamental to any democratic society," he said. "I am hopeful that the government of Russia will honor its international obligations in these areas, investigate allegations of abuses and free those who remain in detention." "

This is an incredible statement from a President who sent the police in Florida to break up peaceful, legal street protests. Speakers and protesters were arrested by the police and confined in cages by the hundreds. Many were reported to have been roughed up by the police for the apparent crime of disagreeing with Bush on fair and free elections. At the command of the Bush family tens of thousands of voters in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states controlled by the Republican Party were denied their right to cast ballots based on fraudulent charges of having felony records, names that resembled names on terrorist lists and other bogus charges. Many of the people denied their right to vote were from districts which tend to vote Democratic and similar voter dumping was conducted in other important states controlled by the Republicans. It is clear that the actions were designed to control the results of the election and give those states to the President. Since the 2000 and 2004 elections it has been established that these actions were in clear violation of election laws and if brought about by the request of the President are clearly impeachable offenses. The officials charged with overseeing and protecting the results of the elections claim confusion and misunderstanding as the root cause of dumping properly registered voters from the rolls, however it should be obvious that Democratic voters were targeted for the express purpose of fixing the results of the election.
The most alarming aspect of these stories is that the Congress, which is charged with impeaching the President for illegal and unconstitutional actions has remained mostly silent and uninterested in fulfilling it's obligations under the Constitution. This implies that both major political parties are involved in the destruction of the electoral process and the creation of a rotating dictatorship with the President being selected by the leadership and given absolute power over the rest of the country, including the unconstitutional suspension of the right of habeas corpus, the gutting of FISA, the establishment of a system of secret prisons controlled by the President, the authorizing of torture of prisoners, and the unconstitutional assertion by the President through signing statements that the laws passed by Congress and signed into law by the President nevertheless do not apply to the President, his appointees or anyone else he so chooses to protect from the legal system. This assertion that he is above the law is in itself such an assault on the system of Rule by Law essential to our republic that it effectively creates a dictatorship out of the office of the President and is obviously an impeachable offense.
Apologists claim that in time of war laws must be trampled to "protect" our citizens, but the founders of this Republic expressly limited the power of the President in peace and in war in order to protect the democratic core values of our political system. This is why only Congress may declare war and call up an army. The President is merely expected to direct the operation of the war with the caveat that it be done according to national laws and international treaties. Since WW2 the powers which control the political parties have carved away those restrictions and protections in order to create and control an all-powerful office of the President. Increasingly America has come to resemble those other dictatorships such as Pakistan, Iraq and Russia with the rule of law cast aside to permit rule by dictate based on hunches and dreams and Biblical passages by an alcoholic, drug addled "born-again" sociopath who claims divine guidence in launching wars of aggression and expansion around the world.
The world cannot allow this trend to continue. For their own protection the nations of the world will be forced to confront this aggressive and militaristic America. The one bright side, if there is one, is that the insane fiscal practices by this President of unlimited spending coupled with huge tax cuts for the wealthy have gutted the American treasury, forcing the government to rely increasingly on loans from China, Japan and others. As the power of the dollar plummets and the murderous occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan continue to stack up bodies of innocent women, children and men the world will be forced to cut off our funds to wage war and perhaps even to begin dumping American dollars, causing the complete collapse of the American economy. The argument that the world "needs" America only works if the world is not afraid of America and it's dangerous and destabilizing escapades around the world. When we become too dangerous for the rest of the world to allow they will act to stop the American war machine and it's imperial minded President. The lower classes will suffer greatly from this disaster while the ultra rich will simply move their dollar accounts to Euro based offshore accounts. You should be aware that all of the political leaders of both parties are millionaires and all have international financial dealings. If America collapses our so-called leaders can simply move to Dubai. You and I will be left to repair the damage and bury the dead.

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