Thursday, November 01, 2007

I need to get back to this idea of the senses creating consciousness. To begin with, use of the term "creating" immediately creates a duality and a linear condition, which while not inherently evil, still is but one of several options. To create you have a creator and you have a creation, you have the uncreated, you have linear time, a done, doer and bypassed. You have a single event, although it may be linked to a series of related events, each parcel of moment is but an event and consciousness is the event horizon as possibility passes into history and memory, and in the minds of some, the uncreated again. The quality of an event horizon is that nothing passes beyond it. That defines it, the moment at which communication ceases. I have circled my son's silent form for close to seven years now at an event horizon which seems to be shrinking. All of creation in motion tends towards un-creation. The consciousness of non-motion cannot be conscious of any of the rest of creation, because to pass from unawareness to awareness is to cross an event horizon and that is what defines motion. Thus, everything that moves is alive because consciousness changes as relates to the rest of the world, that is, the rest of the creation is understood to be changing. Most people have an understanding of "alive" as "like me" in some way. Nobody can think of themselves as being "not alive", although they may say they are dead tired or dead in the water, it is understood that they still expect to see the next few moments through and perhaps the rest of their lives. But "alive" simply refers to the changing nature of the universe as energy passes to mass and mass becomes energy, like a worm sliding through soil life passes through creation. The worm is conscious and the tunnel is memory, but sometimes the memory is flooded out, the worm stops moving, but at second glance we see it is still changing as cell release potions and tiny life forms slice, dice and trot off with chemicals. Slowly the worm becomes the earth that some future worm passes through.

The worm is the same form as the point of the tunnel, but the tunnel only retains the most extreme form of the worm as it passed and pushed it's way through the soil. So memory only retains extremes of some form or another. The edges of an event are capable of shrinking so that you may recall there was a cake but not the color, the flavor, or the feel. But physics affirms that reality is subjective, though it fails to be objective about the consciousness that must affirm reality. For the most part people who pass as physicists base their reality on some sense or another. They stare at symbols and other analogical moments and write new ones down or type combinations into a keyboard. They choose each moment in a tunnel of consciousness. The worm is attached to an electrical, magnetic field that passes through the earth and informs the life forms who are conscious of it what the rest of creation nearby is doing. Like if it's wet or if a foot is coming down, the worm knows when to tense or perhaps to pray.

Perception through the senses is what passes for existence for most people as they tunnel vision their way through life. If we could feel the earth's magnetic field the way so many life forms can, or see the ultraviolet that so many life forms can, we would see the world as alive, vibrant and changing and all of it connected in "visible" and "invisible" lines. We would see the connections so vividly and intensely that when one form passed from "alive" to "not alive" it would be such a subtle shift of perception that we would hardly be conscious of it, and in my case means that I never stop talking to the dead, even after Halloween. I never stop offering them substance and subsistence, words of encouragement and awe. It just seems to be another day, another night, another page of symbols on a screen of bright white light.

Jon is in his bed, eyes wide open, pointed at the ceiling. The tiles like a Tetris field, are spotted with a non-changing pattern of black and white, black dots in a field of white. Consciousness changes but the field of black and white does not. Hundreds, thousands of black dots, some larger, some with bits of paint, bits of dust. With no short term memory, the tunnel filled with immovable debris, how many times would a person count the same dot? How many times have you thought the same thought, driven the same piece of road, touched the same thing, seen the same bit of wall or ceiling? I have a program that will upload pictures from my camera in seconds and will mark duplicates. When I touch the "upload" button, that pattern on the screen that changes before me and takes those duplicate perceptions, memories, away, and the pictures that are left are each a unique image of a moment in time. And my folder is compressed. If all your duplicate memories were compressed away, how much of you would remain? Your self consciousness would change. Change is life, so you'd know you were "alive", and every moment is unique as you pass through, to, and from, life.


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