Sunday, September 16, 2007

I write about the War sometimes because I know that a good part of Jon's problems could be addressed if we weren't spending $12B a month on killing babies for profit.

It's hard to understand how, but I read that Democrats are claiming that the troop reduction of 30K is because of things they did. They expect credit for a partial success. Amazing. This cabal of supersized egos are participating in the dismantling of a 200+ year old Republic and they want credit for watching Bush do what he had planned to do months ago. The idea that Pelosi could take credit for anything above dressing herself is staggering. She's an idiot fighting a psychotic by tossing cupcakes. There's a very good chance this whole stack of cards could implode before too long. Eventually the Iraqi's themselves will be screaming at us to leave and it will be difficult to make a case for continuing the occupation after that, but we will. Hillary or someone like her will make the tough decision to continue killing people over There so we don't lose lives over Here. But they are already over Here and getting ready to start planting roadside bombs any day now. How can we stop them? They might be Us.

If we get a real President, one actually elected by the People, we might pull out of the Mideast, out of the role of Supplier of Weapons to the World, stop protecting Israel from itself, and focus on rebuilding a democratic republic, or God forbid, a Democracy here at home. Im der Homelandt. Seig Heil. Don't hold your breath. I am very interested in finding out what was the deal that turned Pelosi over to the Dark Side. Power? Destruction of some embarrassing photos? Money? Or is she just so stupid and naive she thinks sitting with Bush and smiling is leadership?

4 million people displaced. A trillion dollars more or less blown on killing and destroying. Thousands of Americans dead, tens of thousands of Americans terribly wounded, some for life. Hundreds of thousands of civilian men, women, children, babies, all dead. This is Bush's idea of success. Which God would admire this carnage, reward His good follower? Yahweh for sure, but also Shiva, Satan, Mars... there's a lot of gods who are into blood and death. George has assured himself a seat in the darkest, coldest region of Hell. He probably expects to be made a Duke of Hell, certainly Cheney is already one. It's all sad, but not unexpected. The worse it gets the more it falls into that category of history that is labeled "inevitable". Power to the privileged few, apathy of the masses, keep them scared, keep them ignorant. It's only people who can think critically, are well informed and who understand the dangers of not caring about others who can see the way out, but they have no power. The survivors will know the dangers. I just wish I knew that the enemies of the State, what we used to call Congress, the Executive and the Supreme Court, will someday really understand the magnitude of their crimes. I think George knows. He's looking more frightened as nothing he does (that involves more slaughter) seems to make our enemies weaker. He has no idea where he is or what he is trying to kill. 5,000 years of war in that region, for centuries blood has flowed down the Tigris and now it's American blood, gallons of it. No wonder Ishtar is waking and furious. If only George had been sober during world history class.

I wonder what we will call the remnants of America? I wonder if we will be allowed to remain in the U.N.? Probably best if they put a concrete wall around us and prohibit anyone from doing business with us. That should make the world safer for awhile.

The Blues ain't nothing but a good man feeling bad.

America ain't nothing but a good concept gone bad.

America ain't nothing.

Fly the flag upside down, this is a national disaster.

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