Friday, June 09, 2006

I just finished reading a book entitled "Towing Jehovah", about just that; a dead God being towed to the arctic for final resting. It was full of religious and anti-religious musings, stuff about the Pope, angels, sailors and so forth. Pretty good read, all in all. For a pagan it was absorbing as it described the corpse and the way the death affected the various people. Of course we had the traditional sex scenes and the Jew dealing with his faith vesus the priest dealing with his. Odd how they all miss the point I would have taken up: a two mile God is not terribly large compared to the universe. In fact, a two mile long God is really very tiny compared to even the moon. I find it hard to get all religious about a 2 mile long corpse, but I liked the book.

It's June, cold and damp. Welcome to upstate New York.

I planted a lot of things in the garden that should have sprouted and given me lots of happy summertime food, but since it's decided to rain for several months non-stop with cold and damp intruding everywhere some of those seeds haven't sprouted. If we ever see the sun again I plan to plant snow peas. They are the only veggie named appropriately for this neck of the woods.

I've been in the studio working on a set of figures modeled after various religious figures, but as females. I have had a Jesus-as-woman for some time now but never went beyond it. I have this idea of Vishnu as woman and am working on it, but I keep getting distracted by the idea of portraying Shiva instead, especially as the world seems to worship destruction more than anything else, at least the politicians and leaders do. But as Hinduism tends to have male and female roles weaving in and out of the myths, so Shiva and Vishnu are part and parcel of the same thing. Nothing is ever destroyed, it just becomes something different. Those demons that Shiva blasted must become compost. What of the fruit of the tree planted in their blood? In "Towing..." they have plants growing incredibly huge using plasma and skin from the body of God. Have we not all grown so big from the same mix? Are we not bigger than the single celled living things from which all life came? God is not dead, He's just gone all composty.

Well, it's cold and damp and I have little to say today. My son is still PVS, my car is still slightly defective, my body still decays down the spine.....we all need sunshine. Frankenveh must sometime rise and speak: "Let there be warmth!" and there was August.

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