Saturday, September 10, 2005

I may not know a lot of things about a lot of things, but one thing I'm pretty good on is recognizing patterns. Seems like most people ignore obvious patterns, preferring instead to pay attention to preconceived notions about the probable outcome. They also have bought into the crazy notion of probabilities. For instance you are always hearing someone say, "What's the chance of something like that happening?" when the event has already happened. Obviously the chances were 100% that it would happen. The whole freaking universe spent an infinite amount of time making it happen. Or it could not have happened. There are two possibilities for any event: 0% and 100%. If you want to get mathematical then call it 50/50. It either will or won't happen. Simple. All this crap about a 1 in 5 chance or a 1 in a million is just words flapping in the breeze. It either will happen or it won't. There are an infinite number of things that have to be in place for it to happen a certain way, but since that holds true for it not happening a certain way, given the nature of infinity, all you need to know is the pattern of the immediate universe and you can see which way it's headed. So you need to be able to understand patterns to see the way the universe is going.

And you need to understand that words are math based. The early Jews had this way of writing on multiple levels, assigning numbers to letters and making math problems out of paragraphs and the resulting equations created new words giving them new knowledge. Is that not a cool way to use your time as you sit in a stinking desert surrounded by herds of sheep and goats and sexy daughters climbing into your bed to give you that son you always wanted? Assuming it wasn't a drunk daddy climbing into the sexy daughter's bed and then later writing that it was the other way around. After all, given the number of patriarchs in the Old Testament, what's the chances one of them is a child molester who like math and writes in his journal? About 100%.

And then there's the Tetragrammaton. YHWH is the best they can offer as a name for the deity who gave them the okay to have sex with their daughters and slit their son's throats while planning to go into the next city and burn the buildings, kill the men and have sex with their sexy wives while selling their children into slavery. Sometimes when days were long you'd find sons selling younger sons into slavery. Nice group of folks, the early Jews. Funny thing, they thought so too. They wrote about it, bragged about it and spawned a couple thousand sects of variations on the theme. What's the chance two of those variants would still be around today feeding the same deity with that funny unpronounceable name? About 100%.

YHWH is the equation of introduction to the entity that they created to approve of their midnight drunken wanderings and subsequent burning, raping and looting. I just can't get over the similarities to Charlie Mansion and his crowd. I often wonder what's the chance Charlie got the equation right and opened up a channel to the One True God who then told him to burn, rape and kill and all the souls he took down would be his slaves in the afterlife. Because that's pretty much what both Osama and Billy Graham have said to their followers. Well, maybe Pat Robertson. I think Billy mostly said "Bring me gold". What's the chance of the Old Testament God coming back into full steam and giving us that old time religion all over again? yup. 100%

Now, when George said we were going into the old hometown, the Mideast, and kill, rape and torture he didn't say that exactly, but he certainly left it obvious. He covered it up with a shawl or decency, by American standards. Patriotism, pre-emptive self-defense, get them before they get us and all that. But essentially we are doing what the Old Testament said true believers should do. And in exchange you get to rape their women, take their gold.... after sending a cut of it to Pat Robertson.... and sell their children into slavery. We don't call it slavery now; we call it welfare or even workfare.

What about the sacrifices, the slitting of the boy's throats stuff? Possibly you don't get the Internet, newspapers or TV, but there's a fair amount of decapitation going on out there. There's also the simple expediency of dropping a 500-lb. bomb on a wedding party, knowing that there's a 50/50 chance somebody will lose their head in the explosion. And there will be lots of blood. So He is getting His blood sacrifices. Oddly enough, the Pres keeps using the term 'sacrifice' and nobody seems to notice that the Pres says we need more sacrifices, that we all have to sacrifice and in the End (of times) everything will be worth it. He says we need to sacrifice more because we have sacrificed so much already, we need bodies heaped on bodies. Gee, it's starting to sound like maybe YHWH is also the God of the Aztecs, ain't it? What's the chances a near-infinite deity could have landed in several points around the planet demanding human sacrifices and rewarding the faithful with lots of sexy boys and girls and gold? 100%

This is starting to read like a shampoo bottle.

Now, yesterday Morgan Freeman was being interviewed by Tavis Smiley and he mentioned a couple of things that struck me as odd, in that they rang true and corresponded to the patterns I have been seeing. So they must be true. People like me would pick up on this right away, but it's odd to hear an actor repeating it. He did couch it in vague terms, like a duck in a prayer shawl, but it still quacked. He alluded to the areas of the flood and their history in a magical context. For centuries New Orleans areas have been the sites of magical operations. Voodoo in de swamp, boss. Plenty bad jew-jew here.

Anybody with a history of magic will have tapped into the forces that like to swirl around the deltas of big rivers. It's a heck of a heap of power there. That fertile delta corresponds to the pubic region of the Body Magical. It's why the Egyptians did so well, like the Babylonians and many others. We like to hang out near Her crotch, except when we are told by the Father to go out and kill something. Most magic in Voodoo calls for complex symbolic gatherings, like Black Cat oil and Goofer dust. Black Cat oil is obviously part of the Bastet sect and I suggest that the term "Goofer dust" may be a twisted version of another Egyptian sect's magic, If we knew how to spell it we could plug it into our Jewish decoder ring and figure out which deity was involved. But I digress.

There was always magic in the delta and as such there was always a lot of ways to contact the Deity you wanted. The bad old gods liked blood, like YHWH loved that sweet smell of burning flesh. You knew he used to be a volcano god, didn't you? Fire and brimstone, screaming minions crying out loud and beating their breasts. So in deltas you either get to see a fertility god, a planting god, a water god or some other kind of fertile arena. Then you have the hurricanes and that's also a water god, like Neptune. Neptune features big on the New Orleans Mardi Gras. He floats on by throwing out fake gold and silver while the menions get drunk and have sex in dark alleys or cheap hotels. All of which has recently gotten flooded and knocked down by high winds.
What's the possibility that two or more deities could have a tiff in an area of strong magical power and the resulting fight would bring up incredible winds and fires and knocked down houses, floods and dying critters, including humans?

So the Pres calls for more sacrifice, doesn't care who goes down, who dies, who bleeds... as long as there is plenty of it. He says out loud we need more sacrifices and when the storm breaks over the heads of the children in New Orleans.... by the thousands they die. And the Pres gets to feed his God a rich full meal while knocking down and flooding certain locations of strong magical power. It's exactly what would happen if a group of people who were raised as demi-gods by their rich parents, learned about certain rituals while growing up and attending schools with neat clubs like the Skull and Crossbones, calling on the forces connected by blood sacrifice to attain great power and wealth, wanted to make that God even more powerful. They would call for more sacrifice, they would lie with every breath, they would arrange for real crappy responses to calamities to ensure lots of human sacrifices and they would appear to be acting on another set of rules. Why else would you put the roommate of an old friend with no experience in catastrophe management in charge of FEMA? To make sure people died. For years they have been avoiding making the city safe. They let the levees wear down, they have studies done to make sure they understood exactly how to make the city safe and then do the opposite. They repeatedly call out the name of their God while the blood flows and the children wail. More sacrifices. The WTC wasn't enough, apparently. It was sloppy and small. Besides, what's the chance that a fuel-filled jetliner would take out two of the biggest buildings in the world, killing everybody onboard and inside?

So what we have here, according to the patterns I see, is a two tiered (at least) event. On one level you have the sacrificing of animals, people and cities, and on another level you have forces resembling the Goddess engaged in combat with forces of the God and the near total destruction of a city, several cities, in fact, but the Big Easy is more important because it was the site of much involved with the Goddess.

Back in the day when Mom was big, in the Mideast which was called back then "the World", they had these places with big trees, priestess who gave out sex as therapy and magical ritual feeding the Great Mother. There was music in the air and good food and no real boundaries except to try not to hurt anyone. You got happy feet. YHWH got upset, because in part He had this Great Idea that He was the one true God (in spite of his lying) and so His wife should have sex with only Him. When he wasn't screwing his daughters and sons. So they fought. History has records of many of these fights. The Greeks were lousy with stories of Gods fighting their wives and lovers and Goddesses rewarding young men and women with great powers and great responsibilities. Maybe She told the God that He had to take responsibility for His actions and that's when the fight started. That's when He wiped out 99% of Her temples and trees and Her Ladies in Waiting. That's when we had to worship Him or get our town wiped out and our women raped and our children sold off to slavery. Like when our children are going to be paying off a multi-trillion dollar debt we incurred by dropping many, many bombs on another Goddess rich arena. Crushing debt was often the path to slavery. Here in America we called it indentured servitude. Now we call it Chapter 13 or deficit spending.

So all those sites had floodwaters poured over them and silt and sand and corpses floating past. And the Pres says to Michael Brown, "Yer doin' a great job, Brownie." A brownie is a treat you eat. Michael means, "Who is like God". And the sacrifice is something Michael did recently by taking the first bullet and leaving his well paid public position to take on another well paid situation equally beyond his pitiful abilities.

Oddly enough, "George" means "earthworker", or even "farmer". Go Figure.

During the celestial combat "Dick" Cheney, the two time failure in college and mastermind of the Cheney-Bush regime, was vacationing, coming out of his temple only long enough to run down to the flood and gaze at the bodies floating in the tainted waters of the delta. Curiously enough, Richard means: "brave power", derived from the Germanic elements ric "power, rule" and hard "brave, hardy".

So we have a President whose name means farmer or earthworker, a seedy mysterious Vice-President whose name means brave power and ya gotta wonder why nobody sees a pattern there..... all those calls for additional sacrifices, all those messy bodies in Baghdad and New Orleans.... all that pious posturing, that born-again attitude that screams for a face slap. No, I don't think they worship a dead radical rabbi. It's pretty obvious who and what they hold dear and it's an old time religion for sure.

There is a way, though. There's always a Way. Once you know the general name and situation around a God, you can counter Him. You don't do it with strength and destruction when the deity is a God of destruction and sacrifice. You do it with distraction. You crawl into their beds at night and seduce them and 'corrupt' their priests. You fuck em to death if you have to. Like Bill Clinton, whose name means: wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection" and you could say there is an implication there that old William Clinton desires head. or protection. Maybe a nice textured latex condom.

The Free Love movement had a lot to do with the last big war we had as well as the plague of AIDS. Point-counter point, tit for tat. So calling on the Goddess works, but you need to be careful that the counter to your calling is not so obvious. All you need to do is Call on Her in Her three-faced mode. That's a good circle of power to tap into and it covers youngsters, whores and wives, and Death. She's the one we need to stop this killing, and She's the one who can do it. I figure there's a 100% chance it can be done this Way.

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