Tuesday, September 28, 2004

We move on, we move on. We create images of ourselves along the Way, and we, for the most part, believe that we leave these images behind. Getting in touch with these images of ourselves can help resolve conflicts within ourselves left over from those previous lives. We remember high school in lots of ways but it's curious how often we hear about people dreaming about being in high school naked. Naked means exposed, open to discovery by others. Open to critiqueing. But the observer by observing, even in retrospect, causes the quantum collapse around a set of potentialities. If we observe our previous selves we change that previous self, and so that our present is changed. I suppose if you could control how you truly saw your previous self you could control aspects of your present self. Like self referencing is self creation.

Getting in touch with our previous selves. We remember having been touched by what it seemed might have been a future self and how that worked out. We changed in some way and that set our future. Say you recall a tme when you were brave. Amazingly so, you recall. Now you need to be brave. Something is facing you which presents such a challenge. You observe your previous self and you make this link so now you are brave or at least able to present this fairly enough so it works. Each success is a building block of a self and each brick can be changed. Imagine building a wall, a big wall made of bricks, all shiney red. So you paint one white. Matt white. What does your brick wall look like now? Do this a few times and then imagine that the wall is anything involving people, like countries, political parties...big groups. Look at the wall, think of the 'other'. America as one solid, same-texured, with one oddball. Suddenly you pay a lot of attention to that one brick, and maybe to a few red bricks around it.

Now imagine that the wall is yourself. That wall is everything you ever did to become what you are now. Now what do you do with that white brick, that one thing that catches your eye after all those years? Getting in touch with a previous self offers the chance to change and often the analogy is a ripple effect, touching all these others around the pool. If you think in 11 dimensions, the size of the quantum universe, it's a lot more dense and complicated. each riplle causes an infinite number of universes. Lot of responsibility.

Unless you just don't care and charge right in. Maybe you get so focussed on one thing you want that all others become less than real. When you were five looking for a gumball you dropped on the couch. Of course if you were the President of the United States with that kind of a mind, well you could screw things up badly. Like in those hot air balloon events where they drag in these so strange looking things, like a clipper ship hot air balloon, or a mantis ray fish hot air balloon... they come gliding in, on to the field and everybody looks, and really, they never do very well because their best feature is the way they look and sound, not what they are, really. A strange thing full of hot air lurching about trying to rise above the others.

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