Saturday, June 26, 2004

Wondering about the gods. I find myself thinking a lot about the gods these days. Especially I think about Isis and Osiris and the story of her traveling to reunite herself with her husband/son and restore things to a balance. There are a lot of variations of this story but I think that there is a need to understand a few things about myths. Like Joe Campbell, I see myths not as ancient stories, but as ongoing images which guide us in our lives. Thus, Isis and Osiris easily slides into the masks of Mary and Jesus, although I think originally the story was more like Mary Magdalene and Joshua bin Joseph. Nevertheless the female buries the male and he emerges healed and together they rule the world.

Knowing a few things is sometimes enough.

Let's work on a scattering of pieces of the story and names may change and faces may change but it's the best that can be done in this life. Trickster is in charge as we speak. Seth, Odin-Loki, Trickster, is causing us to wage war...sure.... but how are we waging war in the first place? Not why, for we are told there is no why. That might mean we should toss "Y" out of the alphabet to understand that particular puzzle-code, or maybe just the same thing our father says to us the 40th time we ask "Why?" and He responds with "Because I say so." or as when Moses asked too many questions, "I am that I am". Always a question answered with a puzzle, another mark of the Trickster. This is a good clue that He is in charge and has been for awhile, at least as long as the ancient Jews.

Now, in the Isis story she finds his parts and brings them together. Whose parts? Her husband-son. How is he both husband and son? Because She is the mother-wife, the one who gave birth to the son and thru him gave birth to the others. The symbol that Anhkaten used for his One-god was a solar orb with many hands reaching down with gifts. The normal European view is that it is a solar orb reaching down with gifts, but if the symbol is of a greater truth the symbol would not be literal, but a guide for the mind to meditate upon, like the mandala. So the big round yellow-gold thing can be a source of pure energy, the ONE from which all other things come down. I have seen the image of shafts of light descending thru the clouds and thought how we are like that. Our souls are but parts of a single soul which passes into many manifestations to create infinite knowledge and life. Thus we have a neutral being split initially into two parts, called male and female, form and force, Isis and Osiris. Each half begets halves, usually described as opposites, but perhaps should be thought of as ends of a single piece, as in the alpha and omega are ends of the whole. Thus the First Mother can be expressed and understood by seeing the more male part of her personality, the mask she wears in her butch mode, and the more feminine part, the mask she wears when she is light and dancing and sexy. The First Father, Binah, is seen in two modes, his female caring, giving side...the farmer...and the masculine side maybe slaughtering the sheep or humping the mother.

Splitting hairs like this, like the view in the cyclotron window, we see the tree of life take form.

Now the Evil Uncle Seth kills the Father. Taking the form of the First Father is a sign of the Trickster, like Loki taking on the form of the Mare, which is a symbol of the Great Mother, older than Freya. Like Thor taking on the form of the Bride to retrieve his hammer. If the hammer is seen as a symbol of destructive force we get one meaning, but if we see the hammer as a phallus we get another. He dresses as a woman to get his mojo back. And Trickster helps.

Why? There is no Why, only how.

So inverse some of the traditional myths we are taught, because Trickster is in charge now and he always will reverse the clues. Thus the God of Life and Light, Great Yahweh, becomes the God of the Atom Bomb. America, land of the Free, becomes a fascist state in order to promote democracy. Each inversion is a sign of the Trickster being in charge. Gay marriages are signs of devotion and the rule of law. Two people love one another and wish to express that two have become one, like the lightning going back up the Tree, but that will be a union which will bring back the One and then Trickster will not be in charge...which in the BIG PICTURE, is exactly what He wants. This is why the One takes on the mask of the Trickster. Well, not why, but how. There is no why.

The father tells the son a story of monsters, to frighten and make the son stay in bed while the father humps the mother. But the son wants to be strong, like the father, not understanding the need for the humping and he leaves the bed and marches into the bedroom where he hears the moans and struggles and thinks to kill the monster. He kills, instead, the father. Now he is the father, the man of the house and he gets to hump the mother. IN the realm of the gods the son can hump the mother while the mother seeks to restore the father. Because the gods don't die, they simply put on another mask. The father wears the son mask to further excite the mother so the sex is good. And sex is about union, about achieving the ONE, the climax, the top of the Tree. Cross dressing gods look down on cross dressing humans and the Trickster stirs them up with unending wars and confusion. He scatters the Word with Bibles and Korans and Babylon becomes the primary motif of the 21st century. That's why we are in Iraq. But there is no why, only how. You don't ask why you want to hump, only how do you get some.

The scattered pieces of the Father can correspond to the scattered tribes of Israel, but only insofar as the story of the scattered tribes is the story of the scattered pieces of Osiris. The idea being to bring together the pieces, to connect the dots, a phrase we hear a lot these days. The image will appear time and again, the codes will be broken, the puzzles will come together and the Father will be rejoined. He gets to hump the Mother again, the Earth is renewed and things grow again. The U.N. can be a symbol of the union of the tribes, so the Trickster, in the form of the American President, seeks to bring it down. The Father who isn't, because the Bush was not elected but selected. He burns with a inner fire, says he is Born Again, like Osiris was born again and Christ was born again, but his answers are as unsatisfying as "I am that I am". What the fuck does that mean? Just that He exists. The rest of the Answer is in the scattered pieces of the puzzle.

Truth is a lie, in the words of the Trickster, because the Trickster is a Lie. He is the Uncle, the brother of the father, and he wants to hump the mother so he assumes the Mask of the Father. He sends the Son out on a mission, which will save the people and bring great power to the Son. The Son will then, in all likelihood, get to hump the Mother. Go
get the Arrows of the Sun and return to become the leader of the tribe. The arrows of the sun are the arms of the Aten, the scattered tribes of Israel, the pieces of the puzzle. And it gets the kid out of the house while the uncle humps the mother.

Meanwhile the mother searches for the pieces of the puzzle, the parts of the Father. Thus we get pagans suddenly springing up, helping eco-warriors and praying by the full moon, empowering the Mother and bringing from the Lies in the Books words of truth. Mary at the Tomb was Mary Magdalene, Priestess and representative of the Mother. Presumably Jesus was humping Mary in symbolic, if not physical, form. The Trickster, wearing the Mask of the Judas, the Goat, betrays with a kiss and the Christ is reborn and the body is scattered. We get little wooden boxes with the toe of a saint and bits of glass with a piece of the cross soaked in Blood of the Lamb. I suppose Judas wanted to hump Mary as well.

Hamlet wondered if he should Be or Not, as the Father wondered if he should Be or Not. The "Not" in question cannot be a not as in not here, because nothing can be destroyed, only changed, or disguised, as in wearing a mask. So is the "not" a "knot", another symbol of the Great Mother? The women in pre-tech tribes taught the men to weave nets or webs and it got them out of the house while the women made pots from clay, the flesh of the Earth. In secret wombs of earth they fed in flesh of the trees and added the force of the sun in the form of fire and created that which was new, but not new, useful for holding and hiding. And the men came back with nets and bloody flesh and the women took honey and held it in the pots for a moon of time to create a drink which made the men both strong and weak, clever and silly, sexy and sleepy. Men, drunk and aroused, wanted to both hump and hide, to climb back into the womb. And in time they did, buried with flowers and spears and nets, taken back to change and emerge as new men. Life was Good. No whys but how. Not wise, but whole. Mother-sister-brother-father-lovers became as One, became One and the circle was perfect.

Trickster exists in imbalance, in movement. Trickster is the force of change, therefore of Life, for Life is Change. The perfect circle excludes Trickster and he breaks out, and you get a moron in the White House raining fire onto the children of Babylon, in the Name of a God who preached that even to protect your own life you must not strike out, better to die on the cross and return to the Mother than kill your brother. Thus the crime of Cain could be atoned for. But the followers of Trickster wrote the Book and the Tower of Babylon was burned and toppled and the People scattered. Not Why but How.

The Serpent was probably the Uncle, the Trickster in a different form. He told the truth to Eve, the first Mother. The Father did not destroy the Garden, but excluded the first family. How? By placing an angel with a fiery sword at the gate. Would the angel have used the sword on Adam and Eve, taken their life if they tried to come back into the garden? Would murder be the tool of redemption? Say they turned around and refused to leave. Would the sword have struck them down, spilled blood on the Earth and lost the first People? Odd that this is not the story, that taking their knowledge of Good and Evil they did not confront their Father and asked "Why" did you lie to us? Why did you say we would die when that fruit brought knowledge, gnosis, not death? But there is no Why, only How.

How did the Father deceive the Pair? With Words. Words which are not Truth are marks of the Trickster. Thus the first "Father" in the Garden was the Trickster, not the Father at all. Chances are the Father was meditating on something arcane and wonderful, like weaving nets or naming plants. The Uncle, the Trickster, the part of the Male which was extreme and out of balance, wanted to climb that Tree of Life, the Great Mother, to hump the Wife, and drove the kids out of the room, the garden with a phony sword and a quest to multiply, suffer, die, conquer, goof off, get into the White House and generally stay out of the way.


And then the question becomes "What?" What to do with this knowledge, this gnosis? I suspect we need to tear off the mask of the Trickster, reveal him for our Uncle, not our Father. We need to go into the Garden, to replenish the earth, to honor the Mother, to hump Her sweetly and help her find the parts of the father so Osiris can tell Seth to piss off. As I understand it, it has something to do with making the Child immortal, or at least better than before, to follow the sweet smell of the Tree and to ask for, not take the Tree. The Father will be changed, but the Family will be made whole and the Garden will be ours again. Next time we should not ask Why, but Who? as in Who are You to tell us what to do? I suggest we check with the Mother when the Father tells us something that sounds suspect, especially if it involves killing our brothers and sisters.

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